7 comments on “No 10 day 10 12 days days of Creepmas

  1. You know what….maybe our rainy, cold, windy day wasn’t so bad after all, at least we can wrap up warmly but when you’re down to the vodka and you’ve taken off as much as you can there’s not a lot more you can do. Keep it cool if you can, I’ll visit again on the next creepmas day.

  2. No worries, Kat 🙂 Here it’s 3˚c (not that cold for Sweden at this time of year) but I freeze all the time (I don’t know why). I drink tea or glühwein to keep warm.

  3. oh dear, it has gotten a lot colder here the last few days! we did have an attempt at snow a couple of days ago but not enough to cause problems thankfully! there are times I envy the heat you have – but no doubt would be complaining about that too! lol Scot’s are never happy!!! hahahaha mo xxx

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