13 comments on “Scary Fairy Blog Hop

  1. Oh my I am in love for sure!! This is such a wonderful idea with stamping her clothes and as for scary…yes! anyone walking around with a ravens nest AND a raven in her hair is most definitely scary!! Great job!!

  2. I love your altered doll. One of my daughters loves helping me when I alter dolls…. such great mother and daughter time!
    Wonderful use of the stamps on the fabric and the raven in her hair.
    Thank you so much for joining in the Smeared and smudged members hop this month.
    love BDx

  3. How odd I left a comment earlier but maybe I did not stay long enough for it to post. My next door neighbor when I was a small girl did this to her Barbies every single one of them lol we played by the hours. So fun . Thanks for sharing.

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