20 comments on “31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN – Day 2

  1. So glad you’re feeling better! Your candles are fabulous. I’ve had trouble trying to print on tissue, too. Perhaps I should try the rubber stamps first. All are gorgeous! xxD

  2. I love the Poe stamp. On someone’s blog (can’t remember who), they used deli paper instead of tissue. I’ve never tried it, but maybe it works better.

  3. Oh I am so glad you are feeling better. wow! gorgeous candles. They are just stunning.Happy day 2

  4. Your Day 1 and Day 2 candles are gorgeous! So glad you’re now feeling better and able to join the fun!

  5. I haven’t made any of these candles in a long time. Have to remedy that. Love these. Really fit with the holiday coming up.
    Hope you feeling better and continue to do so.
    thanks for sharing.

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